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The steam regulating valve is one of the most basic and essential components of the steam system. According to existing technology and current material standards, all steam regulating valves must have a working life of at least 6 years, and correct installation can significantly extend the service life of the valve.

With the life expectancy of existing Pipeline Traps and Closures being extended, it is inevitable that to meet modern day requirements and to assist Intelligent Pigging, in-situ vessel modifications and trap extensions will have to be given considerat…

We regularly perform valve testing for our customers and can test them to internationally recognised standards or even carry out bespoke tests as specified by the customer for a specific piece of equipment.

Pump recirculation valve (minimum flow valve) Decreasing temperature water regulating valve Other cavitation occasions, Compressor recirculation (anti-surge) Evacuation of gas or steam Natural gas pressure control (anti-crystallization effect) Steam t…

Our dedicated testing facilities enables us to analyse and physically test our products in many ways to ensure that they meet the demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas sector.